Task Card Crazy!

I have recently gone task card crazy in my classroom! I have found that they are very helpful because there are so many ways to use them. 
I use task cards to:
  • review before an assessment
  • practice learning with a small group
  • practice in partners
  • satisfy the need for a center
  • individual work
  • play Scoot
  • play Quiz-Quiz-Trade
  • have a scavenger hunt for questions (my personal favorite)
I have been buying task cards all year, but I really stocked up during the sale yesterday. This got me thinking that I have task cards for ELA, math, and science, but nothing for social studies.  

Social studies always seems to get put on the back burner and can quite frankly, be boring. So, I came home today and made my first set of social studies task cards!

This set of task cards is based on map skills. I decided to start here because it is such a vital skill that needs review throughout the year. The set includes 24 multiple choice format questions, a recording sheet, an answer key, and  suggestions for implementation. 

I just know that my students are going to love them!

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