Fraction Fortune Telling

Fortune Tellers or Cootie Catchers are very popular with students. These are the origami pieces that are folded so that you make a series of choices which are supposed to tell you something about yourself. A few years ago I went to a gifted and talented training and they suggested using them in the classroom with content. I though this was amazing idea and made a bunch for my students on all different topics. 

All of the originals that I made with another teacher friend were hand written. This worked fine, except they would wear out pretty quickly and I would have to make another. I quickly made a template in PowerPoint so that I could save each fortune teller and print a new one. This template can be found as a FREEBIE in my store. 

Many of my TicTacToe Choice Boards for Math include the use of a fortune teller to practicing the skill of choice. The task is for students to complete the teacher created fortune teller and then create one of their own.  

We are beginning our fraction unit when we get back, so I reviewed my fraction fortune teller that goes along with the Fraction TicTacToe Choice Board. After completing the template, simply print out the fortune teller and fold along the bright green lines.

1. Fold each corner into the center
2. Flip the fortune teller over and fold each of the new corners into the center
3. Fold the existing square into fourths (snuck another fraction in there)
4. Pull out on the outer sheets so that your fortune teller looks like the picture below and insert your fingers under those flaps. 

You are ready to play! 

To play, choose a color. Spell out the color moving your fingers in an alternating pattern as you say each letter. To add more content, instead of colors use vocabulary words. 

After spelling the word, choose one of the problems you can see to answer. I chose "What is the numerator in the fraction shown below?"
Answer the question, and then check your answer by looking below the flap.  

These fortune tellers are fun for students and can be used in any content area. I have also used them as ice-breakers at the beginning of the year with get to know you questions. 


  1. Thank you so much! I can't wait to use these with my kiddos!

  2. Fantastic! I know that my students love them in all content areas!

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