Nonfiction Text Structures

Every year I love when our class studies nonfiction text structures. Not only do I enjoy the process, but I get to see what my students pick when given pretty much free choice of a topic. 

I of course always model finding and using these text structures whole class. This year, I chose a Seymour Simon book on the moon. I really enjoy Seymour Simon's books because they are full of facts and amazing photographs and illustrations that keep my students interested no matter the topic. You can click the picture below to take look at the book!

Each day we cover one text structure using the same book and fill out a graphic organizer together. Then, students use a nonfiction topic and book of their choice to complete their own graphic organizer. 

After we have completed all of the graphic organizers for the different text structures students create a brochure on their topic. I am always interested to see what each student picks. Most pick animals, but I do get the occasional history buff, musician, and gamer. My only requirement is that it be a topic that we have books on in the school library. 

This student created his brochure on Caimans. I certainly learned a lot, but mostly that I don't ever want to come across a Caiman.  

The brochures make a great and informative bulletin board as well!

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  1. I'm so glad to find another 4th grade blog! I found you through your Groundhog Tic Tac Toe freebie (so cute!)!! I love their brochures using nonfiction text features!

    Collaboration Cuties


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