Pencil Panic No More!

Pencils have always been a great source of panic in my classroom. I have tried all different strategies, but my most recent one was the sharp and dull cup where students can trade out their broken pencils throughout the day. This has worked our pretty well this year, but it did leave me sharpening pencils after school every day. 

After a semester and a half of doing this I had gone through three electric pencil sharpeners. That got expensive fast! I was just about to buy another one last week when a team mate suggested I check out Classroom Friendly Supplies. I decided to check it out and was amazed to find a plethora of pencil sharpeners to choose from. I started reading the reviews and got even more excited. This was exactly what I had been looking for. I ordered one right away. 

My pencil sharpener arrived on my doorstep in about 5 days and I was so excited that I broke right into the box so that I could try it out. Let me tell you, it did NOT disappoint!!!! I have never been so excited about sharpening pencils. In a matter of about half an hour I had sharpened over one hundred pencils all to an exact, sharp point. Not once was a pencil oversharpened. This product is truly an amazing one!


It gets even better though. Classroom Friendly Supplies is owned and run by a teacher. As a teacher-author and creator myself I love supporting other teachers so this was a huge bonus to me. If you check our their website, not only do they have many sharpeners to choose from, but they also have videos showing you exactly how they work and how to perform simple repairs if they are ever needed.

Basically, this sharpener is simply amazing and I highly recommend that you check it out!



  1. Thanks for the review, pencils/sharpeners can be a real headache in the classroom!

    Love to Learn

  2. They have always been a challenge for me too!


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