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Here in Texas the Writing STAAR, our state writing assessment, is next week. Tuesday and Wednesday our students will spend four hours each day completing revising and editing passages as well as write an expository piece and a personal narrative. It is all a little daunting, but I know that my students are prepared to the best of their abilities.

On Monday we are having a writing day which will be packed full of different activities to refresh everyone about their learning. I have found or been given several awesome freebies that I plan on using and wanted to share!

We are going to start off the day by brainstorming ideas for different prompts. One of my teammates found a great organizer for this from Caroline Sweet. Her Writing Test Practice-Possible Prompts Freebie is well organized and sure to start us off on the right foot. This product is bilingual ready and includes both english and spanish versions.

After that we are going to review different areas of writing with some simple stations throughout the room. Students will practice revising, editing, using transition words, brainstorming, writing introductions and conclusions, and showing not telling.

That afternoon we are going to have a writing egg hunt! I am really excited for this activity from The Science Penguin!  I think it is going to be amazing to get outside and practice our writing skills with her Egg Hunt Test Prep: Writing. My students will be working in partners to find the eggs and then practice their writing skills according to the task in the egg. I can only hope for good weather, otherwise we will have to find an exciting place in the school for our egg hunt, because a little change in scenery is always a good idea!

Finally, we will end our day with a writing celebration. Each student will pick their favorite piece of writing from their published writing folder to share with the class. We are going to have snacks and celebrate each other and our writing. I can't wait to hear what they choose.

All in all, I know that we are going to have a lot of fun working together to review our writing skills!

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