Dust Bowl and the Great Depression

Now that the writing STAAR is done for this year I am excited to integrate writing more completely into my content curriculum. I admit that I am a stickler for writing and I sneak it into our day anyway I can. Now though, our writing block will be spent almost exclusively writing in content areas.

I know, it seems a bit tedious and boring. I promise it doesn't have to be! This week I am really excited to be completing our next history simulation, The Dust Bowl and Great Depression Dice Simulation.

The simulation we will complete during social studies. My students really enjoy these simulations because it allows them to get out of their seats and put themselves in the shoes of a person of that time period. 

Then, for the rest of the week in writing we will be working on our narratives based on our travels through the simulation. I love that each student's journey is a bit different and really enjoy reading their final products. The most fun is had when we share our stories though. My students really take it personally and put their feelings into their writing. It is amazing to hear them tell their tales of of trying to find work, only to be on the road again. I truly believe that this activity brings a deeper understanding of the time period. 

Of course, anytime there are multiple parts of a lesson I have students finishing up at all different times. No worries though, because The Great Depression Era TicTacToe Board is there to save the day!

This board has nine different activities to help the students understand the time period along with items they need to complete the activities. All in all, I know that we are going to have a successful week learning about and experiencing the Dust Bowl and Great Depression. 

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