Making Test Prep Fun 2-Partner Contest

My students love anything that has a competition built into it. Let's face it, we all give a little extra when there are bragging rights involved, and they are no different. To make boring test prep questions a bit more fun, I institute a little partner competition in the classroom.

What I love most about this is that all you need is a packet of test prep questions for each set of partners. I have been using resources from Green Apple Resources as well as multi-step problems from my own store as the questions.

The rules are simple:
You work collaboratively with your partner to solve the problems in the packet. I use the phrase, "No hogs and no logs," to encourage students to share the work. Each problem that you solve with your partner correctly earns you 2 points. Each problem that I help you and your partner to solve you get 1 point. Each incorrect problem earns you a goose egg. 

I have found that having a question that they are helped on still earn points encourages students to ask me questions because they would rather get one point than none at all. 

In the end, I tally up all the points earned by each partnership and the partners with the most points win bragging rights. Sometimes I throw in a little prize, but not always.

This has been a great strategy for test prep that has worked wonders in both reading and math practice!

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  1. Oh my word - no hogs and no logs - that might be the best thing I've ever heard! I'll definitely be stealing that one to use in my classroom! Thanks for the great partner review idea! I also think "charging" students a point for my help would cut down on those students who have the correct answer, and know it, but are always looking for confirmation from me.

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