Making Test Prep Fun 3-Math Vocabulary Review Relay FREEBIE

I tried to mix it up again today when it came to reviewing for math. My students were really restless and I wanted to get them up and moving. I started thinking about a relay game that we could play outside.

Our topic of the day was to review math vocabulary from throughout the year that is commonly seen on standardized testing. I made a list of 55 words that I know students will see and sometimes struggle with. I also listed a short definition or description for each word.

Then, I took a set of index cards and wrote each of the 55 vocabulary words on the cards. Here is where it got fun!

We went out to the black top at our school, but really this could be done in any large space. I spread the word cards out all over one end of the black top. Then, I split my students into five groups. 

With my list in hand, I explained the rules. Each team is to line up behind a dot on the pavement. I will describe or give a definition of a vocabulary word. At this time, the first student in each line will run down to the other end of the black top and look for the correct word. When they find it they come back. If they brought back the wrong word I sent them back. When the correct word was brought back, I announced it to the group and we talked about any misconceptions.

We continued this process for about half an hour and got through all of our words. The team that collected the most correct words was the winner and got to go through the lunch line first! They were so excited!

Afterwards, I thought about how I could make this something that I could share, and voila! I now have a Freebie Math Vocabulary Relay Review Game to share with you all! I hope that everyone else enjoys it as much as I did!

Click on the picture to take yourself to the download!


  1. Thanks for the math review cards. They will be so helpful as our scholars review for our big test, also. We appreciate your generosity.

  2. I love this idea! The possibilities are endless!


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