Making Test Prep Fun 6-Rally Coach

We use a lot of cooperative learning strategies in our classroom all year long, but we jump into hyperdrive during test prep season. I am a huge advocate for Kagan Structures in the classroom, and am fortunate enough to have been to several of their offered trainings. If anyone is on the fence about them, I strongly encourage you to give it a try!

One of my favorite structures to use is RallyCoach. To use this strategy your students need to be in partners. I have used a threesome in a pinch, but partners really are ideal.

Partner A starts seated and works the first problem while Partner B stands behind them where they can see their work. As they are working they "talk out" their thinking so that Partner B can hear them. When they finish the problem Partner B either praises their correct solution or helps Partner A to find the correct solution. Then, they switch roles and repeat the process until all problems are solved. 

I really love this structure because it puts the students' in the role of teacher. They really take ownership of helping their partner to be successful. 

As a helpful tip, I have the partners use two different colors so that I can tell exactly who did what. Additionally, students also love this structure because they recognize that they only have to do half of the problems each. Win-win!


  1. See! I told you! Master of Engagement! You are amazing at keeping your kids active and involved. :)

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  3. I try, but this time of year I pull out every trick I have, and I am always looking for more.


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