Organizing Task Cards

I love me some task cards! I use them in every subject and have a few sets that are just for fun as well. This past year all of my task cards were a bit of a mess though. Some were in folders, some were in baggies, some were stashed in drawers. It was complete chaos and made it difficult to find the set that I was looking for.

This all changes now! I had a bunch of accordion style folders around my place and decided to put them to use. Each subject has its own folder.

Inside each of the folders I have labeled the dividers for the units of that subject. Below is my Texas History folder with all of the units labeled and activities placed inside. 

This size folder makes it easy to stash the task cards, recording sheets, and answer keys without having to fold anything up. Instead they are all right there ready to go! 

Between the dividers I have also placed other activities such as different simulations and I Have Who Has cards for the same units. These folders have kind of become my one stop shop for each unit. 

With everything in the folder it can get to be quite full, but they are still easy to access. 

Speaking of task cards, I finally finished up my Texas History Ultimate Task Card Bundle! This bundle has all 18 task card sets for Texas History and is sure to keep you busy all year long. Be sure to check it out!

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  1. I LOVE your task cards and have purchased ALL of them for Texas history! I should have waited for the bundle! LOL!! :-)


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