Texas History Vocabulary Match-Ups

Every year it is a struggle to have students retain important vocabulary from vital times in Texas history. During each unit I always think that my students have the vocab down, but then when we move on it seems to go flying right out of their little heads.

This year I am intent on combatting this vocabulary slippage throughout the year. Here is my plan, as always I will introduce and use the vocabulary during each unit. Then, after each unit I will continue to review the vocabulary through the use of Vocabulary Match-Ups.

Each of these match-ups is a collection of little puzzles where students match up the vocabulary puzzle piece with the definition piece. They make a great file folder game for students to practice as they finish up their work. This way students are keeping the vocabulary fresh in their minds all year long. 

I am slowly working my way throughout the year of curriculum. I have made it through Frontier Texas, but will keep going to hit all of the units. I will also go ahead and bundle all of the Match-Ups once they are complete. 

Please come by and check out these Match-Ups as they are a great way to keep your whole year's curriculum fresh in the mind of your students.

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