The Book Whisperer

It is a rare occasion that I truly enjoy and feel inspired after reading a professional book. I am so much happier reading my preferred murder mysteries and suspense thrillers. This book though, just made sense.

The whole time I read The Book Whisperer by Donalyn Miller I felt as though a friend was telling me I was on the right path, but needed to magnify my efforts by about 500%.

Everything that is said in this book makes so much sense. The biggest idea from the book is that to become a better reader, you need to read! See, I told you it just made sense. On top of that, it is eloquently written making it easy to read. In fact, I read it in a single day.

Donalyn Miller writes this professional book from the eyes of a teacher. It is so easy to read because it is from a colleague, not someone in a research institute that is telling you what should work. 

I had several big take away realizations that I would like to share, but to get a true sense for yourself you really should read it. 
  • Don't hide yourself as a read from your students. I love to read, but have never really shared what I like to read with my students. I am not sure why, but this never really happens in my classroom. 
  • Read books that your students are interested in. This way you will be able to make recommendations and model how reading really looks, in the real world not a test taking world. 
  • Reading logs are not worth it, and same goes for most homework. I will know what my students are reading and learning from talking with them about their reading during conferences and reading their response journals. There is no need for drill and kill. 
  • Finally, and most importantly there is always time for reading. Always. 
I don't feel as though I have done ANY justice to this book at all. The best I can do is HIGHLY recommend that you read it yourself!


  1. You and I are more alike than you know. (Have you read Gone Girl?-- great Mystery...) I only wish I was more knowledgeable of books so I could give better recommendations to my students! :)

  2. I am trying to get through Gone Girl right now. I keep stopping to read other things though.


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