Spy My Spiral: Regions of Texas

Another wonderful week of journaling in Texas History has gone by and I wanted to show you what we are up to in our classroom. Last week we finished up our notes on the regions of Texas, so this week we wanted to put our new knowledge to use. 

We started by responding to the response questions that are included in the Regions Fold-Up. These questions ask students to make comparisons, form opinions, and generally think about the regions that they have just learned about. 

Next, we read a poem about the different regions of Texas. As I read the poem I ask students to close their eyes and visualize what they are hearing. After we read the poem several times students divide their paper into four sections and illustrate each of the regions. 

This is a great way to wrap up regions with an individual visual for each student.  I love seeing how each student "sees" the regions. 

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