Texas History Tuesday: Regions of Texas

Hello all! Today is Tuesday, so it is time for another one of my themed days that I am trying out. Let me know what you guys think of them! Tuesdays will be Texas History Tuesday. Texas History has been one of those subjects that I have really put my all into over the last year because there just wasn't a whole lot of resources out there. 

Over the summer I was working on a series that I called How I Teach It. Texas History Tuesday is kind of a continuation of that, but I am going to go in the order that I teach it, so that it is more timely for me and hopefully you. This means that there may be a few topics that get covered multiple times. 

This week we are studying the region of Texas. Here is how it goes in our classroom. 


 I start out our Regions of Texas unit with a powerpoint on the regions that can be found here. This powerpoint is a great way for students to learn some background information on the different regions such as location, vegetation, animals, and cities that are found in each region. While I am showing the powerpoint and we discuss each region students are in charge of completing a fold-up on the regions


After we have finished the powerpoint I pull out my journal with my fold-up and we make sure that everyone has the important information for each region. This usually takes up about two days. 

On day three of the week, in table teams we complete puzzles that describe each of the regions. My students really love these puzzles. I have them use their notes from the fold-up to ensure their success. 

After everyone has had an opportunity to complete the puzzles we use the puzzle pieces to play QuizQuizTrade with. My students love this game too, so this is always a super fun Texas History day!

Finally, I assess my students' knowledge of regions using these task cards. They love them because they get to check their own answers with QR codes, and I love them because they are fully engaged and moving around the room! You can snag these for FREE in my store. 

That's our week in Texas History! Next week we are getting started on Native Americans and our big project for the fall semester. Be sure to check back to hear more about it!


  1. I love hearing the details of how you teach this subject!!! I keep coming back to them again and again.

  2. I love hearing the details of how you teach this subject!!! I keep coming back to them again and again.


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