Spy My Spiral: Spanish Missions

We spent this week on Spanish missions in Texas. This is a concept that just boggles the minds of my students, but at the same time they have a lot of connections since many have visited the missions. 

For this installment of our Texas History Interactive Notebook we used the Missions of Texas PowerPoint to complete information on a fold-up

The top of the fold-up has blank lines to record general information about all the missions like why they were established, who lived there, how they lived, and where they were. 

Then we wrote the full names of the five missions of San Antonio, one on each flap. 

On the inside of each flap we recorded when each mission was built, what each is commonly known as, and important facts about them. 

After we were done with the information, which takes a couple of days so that we can discuss and map each mission, we answer the reflection questions that are also included with the fold-up. I really appreciate these reflection questions because they allow me to do a quick knowledge check of my students as well serve as great conversations starters. We usually spend about ten minutes on each question. I start by displaying and reading the question and then give students a few minutes to answer. Then they share with a partner and share out with the class. By doing this, everyone gets a chance to be heard AND those who don't know how to answer get some help from their partner. 

We have one more week of missions to go! This week should be really fun because we are finishing up our QR Quest, making clue fold-ups, and making a class big book. 

Be sure to check in on Texas History Tuesday for all the details!

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