Texas History Tuesday: Missions Take 2 and Something for You

Well hello there, and welcome back for another week of Spanish Missions for Texas History Tuesday. Last week we learned a ton of information of the Missions of San Antonio, and this week we were ready for something a bit more hands on. 

This activity is just like a traditional webquest, but instead of having urls to type in or click a link students scan a QR Code on an Ipad or other capable device. 

I am guessing that most students are like mine in that they think you hung the moon and will do anything you ask them to if they get to do it on an Ipad. Yes?
Well, I put my thinking cap on, and what I really needed my students to do it look for text evidence to answer questions in content area reading. 

So, that is exactly what they are doing! I partnered students up and gave each a question sheet and an Ipad. Partners scan the appropriate QR code and then read the content heavy selection to find their answer. Just like in a reading passage some answers might as well be in blinking lights, and some take more reading and deeper thinking. There are also questions that deal with the media literacy side of things. 

I explained all of this to my students and they were chomping at the bit to get started. I have to tell you, we worked on this for the last part of our day Friday and my students worked so diligently that I just had to give them more time today to finish it up. They have already asked me if we are going to do more!

Really? They are asking for content reading assignments? Absolutely, because it involves an Ipad. The pictures below are the proof. 

Look at that finger tracking and looking for keywords. These websites are content heavy and require students to read carefully. 

Partners putting their heads together to find the answer from their reading. 

Scanning the next QR Code according to what question is next. 

Partners reading together. 

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