Texas History Tuesday: Colonization of Texas Projects

We are in the second week of studying Colonization of Texas and it is time for some creativity from our students! This week is all about projects and showing their knowledge! 

After learning about important empresarios last week, students will choose one to create a trading card over. The front of the card should be an illustration and the back should have facts. I love seeing what my students come up with as their illustrations and what facts they find important enough the include. 
After we finish up our trading cards, we move onto trying to recruit more colonists to come to Texas by creating Persuasive Posters. I have had students complete these posters by hand-drawing them as well as creating them on the computer using Publisher or PowerPoint, it all depends on how quickly they work. the example below was created in PowerPoint, but they are just as informational hand-drawn. 

Next, it is time to assess our students' knowledge over the Colonization of Texas. Do they remember who the "Father of Texas" is and why? Instead of giving students a paper and pencil test I like to assess using these Colonization of Texas Task Cards

These task cards contain twenty multiple choice questions all about colonization. I usually complete them using SCOOT or a scavenger hunt. Both structures get the students up and moving to answer the questions instead of just sitting at their desk. Since Texas History is taught at the end of our day, I find that it is really important to keep them moving to stay engaged. No matter what time of day you teach each subject, movement is important for our students. 

Of course, if you want to grab up all of these resources as well as the ones mentioned last week you can find them all in the Bundled Colonization of Texas pack

Happy creating and persuading! 

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