Texas History Tuesday: The Alamo!

Whoa! This week has hit with a bang. My sweet, sweet children have been taken over by something else. What that is I am not quite sure, but I hope it leaves soon and brings back my sweet kiddos. 

In order to combat this I have planned some super engaging activities for Texas History. Last week we completed our timeline of the Texas Revolution, so this week we are focusing in on the Alamo. Students love learning about the Battle of the Alamo, but have a lot of misconceptions. For example, all 21 of my darlings thought that the battle was won by the Texans. My point exactly.  

We started our week off by reading three different resources about the Battle of the Alamo. The first is a poem, Within the Alamo by Karle Wilson Baker. The second is the book Voices of The Alamo (Voices of History). Then we read a selection from the Reading A-Z book The Battle of the Alamo.  After each reading we complete an FQR by recording two facts, two questions, and two responses that we have after reading. By reading from multiple resources and responding to them students are learning lots of new material and being held accountable for for their learning through the response. 

After we have learned all about the battle we review by playing SCOOT with these Alamo Task Cards. I usually have my students play the game in partners so that they can discuss their answers. You could also use these same cards as an assessment. 

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