Texas History Tuesday... On Wednesday

A day late and a dollar short, but I mostly have my wits about me today. The escapee feline spent the day shut in the back rooms of my place so that there was a miniscule possibility of her making an encore performance. I know that's not what you are here for, so let's get to the good stuff!

We have started my favorite unit of the year for Texas History which is the Texas Revolution! It is such an interesting part of our history and has so much to do! Now, if you want to know exactly how I do things then check out my Complete Unit for the Texas Revolution where everything is broken down into daily lessons. Here is the the gist though. 

I did things in a little different order this year, just because of timing, but things are pretty much the same. I start with this Texas Revolution PowerPoint. It starts with Mexico gaining their independence and goes all the way through the Treaty of Velasco. 

I love to talk and do a bit of storytelling while we go through the presentation. My students just eat it up, and always remember my story about the Texans saying, "No take backs" with the cannon in Gonzales among others. As we go through the events we create a timeline fold-up which you will find featured in Spy My Spiral Saturday this week. This gives students something to refer back to throughout the unit. 

After we finish our timeline we complete the Causes and Effects of the Texas Revolution Fold-Up. It is a great way to kind of sum things up!

This pretty much takes up our week, but there is more fun coming next week! We will be working through some of the battles more specifically including the Battle of the Alamo which is always a popular topic!

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