Texas History Tuesday: Ending the Revolution

Welcome back for another week of Texas History Tuesday! Today's post is a bit scattered as I am trying to fill in the gaps of what we did for the Texas Revolution. Most of this we did as review, but you know how it goes...

Since it has been a while since we started the revolution, we went for an all out review. We began with why the settlers were unhappy. This meant making an anchor chart of the differences between Spanish Texas and Mexican Texas. 

Next we took a look at the Decree of April 6 which really changed the lives of Texans, and caused more turmoil. 

Then we reviewed the major events and important people of the revolution. Each student chose a person to research and then complete a fold-up for. They included information and illustrations for the "Who, What, When, and Where?" for their person.

I just love this illustration of Santa Anna that one of my hard workers did. After everyone has finished their fold-ups we present them to each other using StandUpHandUpPairUp. This allows for students to meet with multiple partners to learn about many different people, but to be active while doing it instead of sitting and listening to presentations for an hour. 

Finally, we finish up with a circle map on the Treaty of Velasco. I have students create their own circle maps in their journals and then we create one big one for our class. 

With the Texas Revolution unit done, it is time to move onto the Republic of Texas!

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