Texas History Tuesday: Frontier Texas

Welcome back for another week of Texas History Tuesday! I have to start with a confession... It is that time of year. Test prep time. Unfortunately that means that our time for social studies is severely limited. I am determined though to keep it going. I know that you feel the crunch too, so my mission at this time of year is to keep it easy and simple, but to keep it going. Honestly, it is even a crunch for me to blog at this time of year. 

This means a lot of read alouds and short activities that can be integrated into other subjects. 

My first activity that is a definite keep is this Cattle Drive Dice Simulation with Writing Connection. The simulation takes 10-15 minutes and then you can get right into the writing. This is great for our class at this time of year since our writing test is in two weeks. I personally, let the students write their journal entries as they see fit and then use them as an opportunity to practice editing and revising.

We will pull sentences to correct, revise, and praise. Students really get into working on their own as well as classmates sentences, and this makes for great authentic practice!

Now, onto the read alouds! I love to use read alouds to integrate history into our reading time. I know that especially this time of year time is short, so I feel that this is the best way to really pack a punch. This way, students are still exposed to the material even if we don't have the instructional time to go as deep as I would like.  Below are links to a few of my favorites for this time period. 

Happy reading!

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