Writing Camp Day 3: Keeping Them Motivated!!!

Day three of writing camp 2014 is in the books and it is continuing to go wonderfully! Now, I was a little skeptical of the idea of writing all day for a week. I thought that my students would be burned out by day two, but I was WRONG. They love it! Every morning this week when they have come in they immediately ask if they get to write all day. GET TO WRITE? Where has this attitude been all year?

Just in case a few of my kiddos begin to grow weary of the process, and to keep us focused, one of my teammates created a quick way to keep track of goals for the week. Each day we complete an Eiting/Revising passage as well as a composition. I grade them on the spot and record the results to set goals for the next day. 

This example from one of my goal setters is that they got three (out of six) questions on their passage on Monday, so Tuesday their goal was to get at least four (out of six again.) My students this year are really into achieving goals, so this is right up their alley! We are doing the same exact thing with our compositions, although they are a bit trickier since we are alternating personal narrative and expository. 

This is one of my kiddos that does everything he can to not write, but look at him go! Who knew laying in a sleeping bag was the secret to his success? I have not had to give him a single reminder all week to get back to work!

To sweeten the pot just a bit, I have some little reinforcers for those that make their goals. I found these little Twig Pencils on Amazon for a steal, so they are the reinforcer for reaching your first goal. I fully expect each of my students to have a twig pencil by the end of the week. 

Like any other students, mine are also all about recognition! We turned our hallway bulletin board into the writing hall of fame. There we celebrate any accomplishments from the week. Any time a student makes their goal in revising/editing or on their composition up it goes! They love to check out each others' work as well as show off their own.

We are looking forward to two more days of celebrating!

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