Writing Camp Day 4

Writing camp continued today, and we added in a little game to mix it up a bit. I have noticed throughout the week that combining simple sentences is still something that my students are struggling with, so in comes the practice!
I started by di-cutting 12 of the same shape out. This set is all pumpkins. Why I chose pumpkins I cannot tell you, but it seemed to fit the bill at the moment. Each shape then gets two related sentences written on it.

For example: I have a red car. My car is a Miata.

Then, I cut the shape into two pieces with a jagged line a la puzzle piece and mixed up all the pieces together.

To play each student gets a piece with a sentence on it. They must first find their partner sentence, then rewrite the two sentences into one combined sentence and share it with the class.  

Matched up pieces.

Combined sentence

My whole class loved this game because they got to get up, talk with their friends, and then share their work. What more could a fourth grader ask for in an assignment? I LOVED hearing how they combined their sentences and explanations as to why they chose to do it that way. Some partners even combined them in several different ways. That makes for one happy teacher!

Tomorrow's day at camp is all about celebrating our accomplishments!

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