Writing Camp Wrap Up

Today we wrapped up our writing camp. Well, we intended on wrapping up our writing camp, but instead I think I am going to do it on Monday too, mostly so that I don't put the room back together and then have to turn around and rearrange it again for testing on Tuesday. That's what I am thinking anyway.

I am so proud of all of our writers. Everyone in our class made at least their first goal, most had to reset their goal and then met that one too! I mean really, do you see all of the papers on our Writing Hall of Fame? One of my students asked me today why the editing passage we did today was so easy. I loved that, because it was actually one of the hard ones. I just let them know that it is because they have worked so hard on it that now it seems easy. 

We did a lot more work today to make sure that things keep seeming easy. We looked for sentence fragments and completed them. 

We practiced with editing passages. (This was what they thought was so easy, but made tears appear a few weeks ago. 

Of course we played another round of their new favorite writing game that helps us with combining sentences.

At the end of the week it is amazing to see the progress that they have made. We ended the day with s'mores and talking about how excited we are for STAAR next week. I have NEVER had a student tell me they are excited for a test, but they really, truly are. At the end of it all, I am so thankful that they are feeling prepared and not nervous. It makes this whole week so worth it!

We have another fun filled day of writing planned for Monday in order to make sure that we keep spirits high and leave everyone feeling successful before Tuesday. Make sure to check back on Monday for what we did!


  1. A confident student is a successful student! Sounds like everyone involved had a great time! Isn't it great when kids have fun with their learning? Good luck to you and your class next week!! :)

  2. Hello there. I would love to hear how you take your students through the writing process. Your bulletin board looks amazing.

    1. I am getting some posts together about our writing process, but overall we follow a modified version of Gretchen Bernabei's kernel essay.

  3. I am so happy that you replied. Thank you so much. I am a first year teacher and am on the constant lookout for good ideas or efficient systems that work in a 4th grade classroom. Any insights that you have would be greatly appreciated.


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