Math Review Egg Hunt!

Easter is right around the corner, and what better way to get my kiddos excited about math than an egg hunt? This egg hunt was completed indoors, because it has been a wee bit windy this week, but it was no less fun. 

I bought a bag of 48 plastic eggs at Target for $2, which I thought was quite the steal. I went real low tech on this one by taking a practice STAAR test, renumbering it with Sharpie, and cutting it to pieces. I did make a quick grid for students to do their work and record their answers on. 

Then into the eggs the questions go. I put one question in each egg. I did all of this in the morning before my students got there, but made sure to leave all of the eggs in a container on my blue table where I was sure the students would notice them. 

They got one look at all those eggs and almost exploded. Now, we did a writing egg hunt a few weeks back, so I thought they would know better, but they were convinced that the eggs were filled with candy. 

They asked all morning when we were going to start the hunt, and were pumped when it came time. 

I hid the eggs all over our classroom, but mostly in fairly obvious places. 

I mean, the meat of this is math, not searching for eggs for hours. 

They were so excited and go right to finding eggs. I made sure that there were many more eggs than students, so that they wouldn't be piled up. Their job was simple. Find an egg. Open it up. Read the problem carefully. Solve the problem. Record their answer. 

They loved hunting for the eggs, and I loved seeing the hard work they were doing. It was super quiet too, which was completely unexpected. 

A few management tips:
Make sure that students know your expectations for showing work.
Tell students that they need to put the egg back exactly where they found it. (I had a student who thought it would be funny to rehide the eggs in places like the trash can.)


  1. Ahhhh! I do this, too!! Kids LOVE this! I'm waiting until the day before the test, though. That way I can sneak in some practice and still make it fun.

    No need to do extra in creating your own questions. I do the exact same thing! Great minds think alike! ;)

  2. That's a really neat idea! I tried doing an Easter egg themed activity this year, writing fractions and decimals on opposite sides of the eggs and having kids match them up. It was fun!


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