Math Test Prep

We are in full on test prep mode this week with the STAAR reading and math tests next week. We are doing our best to cover all of the content that we need to review without boring anyone to tears, myself included. I am always Googling and trying to dream up another game that can be played while doing review, but sometimes it is the "Oldies, but goodies," that get the job done right. 

Every day we do a problem of the day. We use these Daily Multi-Step Problems each day to get the math juices flowing. They come in monthly or a whole year, so that there can be consistency. 


Our school uses the UPS Check method for working through a problem. Students draw four quadrants then ask themselves:
What does this problem want me to UNDERSTAND?
What is my PLAN?
How will I CHECK my work?

This strategy really helps me to see what my students are thinking and quickly diagnose if a misconception is in understanding or computation. I have seen it work wonders this year. 

After our benchmarks I created a couple of sets of stations based on my students' lowest performing SEs. There is one set with a winter sports theme and another with a candy theme. I am using both this week to review from our learning throughout the year.  

We use these stations independently, in partners, and in small groups with me. 

In small groups I have students show their work on dry erase boards. 

I also encourage them to write on the task cards so that I can see how they are comprehending the problems as well. 

Thinking hard!

I will be back throughout the week with more ways that we are practicing our math skills and encouraging confidence this week!

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