Texas History Tuesday: Frontier Texas... For real this time!

Now that state testing is over, in a couple of days anyway, it is time to jump right back into what makes Texas History so fun! The frontier unit can be so much fun and I am excited to dive right in now that we have a little more time. 

In order to get my students loaded up with background knowledge we start with a PowerPoint on the Texas Frontier. This PowerPoint has lots of information on how cattle came to be big business as well as how life changed for Native Americans during this era. 

Next it is time for mini-project number one. This project involves students designing their own cattle brand. Students will design their own brand and explain the symbolism behind it. It is a great way for students to connect with their learning to make it more permanent.  

Along the way, I like to assess my students' knowledge and have this quick and easy FREEBIE Cause and Effect Quiz

Then, we get started on the more major project of the unit. This project allows students to research a famous cattleman or woman and create a traced poster detailing the information. These posters are a lot of fun to make, and create an amazing display with lots of information. 

Finally, in order to make sure that my students are understanding the content and holding onto the information we complete these Cattle and Railroads Task Cards with Self-Checking QR Codes. I love these, because it allows the students to check their own thinking as they go. 

We will spend a couple of weeks on this unit, and I can't wait to share their poster projects in particular. They always turn out awesome!

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