Texas History Tuesday: Railroad comes to Texas

Okay, real talk time. As I said a few weeks ago, Texas History really goes on the back burner this time of year. This is the usual routine for this time of year, but this year especially. I don't know where the time went, or where it goes each day while I am in the middle of it as a matter of fact, but either way I was hit head-on with a pretty bad realization today.

Progress reports are due next week and I have exactly zero items that I can take a grade on in social studies. Panic may have ensued for a while moment. How did I let this happen? Surely there is something that we have done that I could take a grade on. Nope, nada, not without a whole lot of stretching.

Sooo... I bring you another week of slightly panicked Texas History Tuesday.

We are still working on the Texas Frontier. We have done several read alouds, and lots of discussion on life during this time period. It is time for some knowledge checks though!

An important part of the Texas Frontier was the railroad coming to Texas. I mean, has there ever really been a more significant change in transportation? Cattle trails were on their way out, and populations were beginning to rise.

United Streaming has a great video that gives students the imagery they need for this era called, "Transportation, the History of the Railroad." While watching this video, I have students complete an FQR. An FQR is a simple assignment in which they list 3 facts, 2 questions, and 1 response that they have after the video. I have found that FQRs are a great way to help students process information, and they let me know really quickly who is getting it and who is completely off base. You can grab a generic FQR freebie here. Sometimes I will give them the template, others I just have them write it in their interactive notebooks.

After watching the video and discussing how the railroad changed the way of life in Texas we get busy on our Impacts of the Railroad fold-up.

Honestly, that is about all we have time for at this point. At least it is something I guess. Until after STAAR...

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