Celebrating Freedom Week!

Every fall the week of September 17th is deemed Celebrate Freedom Week. Every fall when this week comes around I struggle to fit this required curriculum into our BUSY schedule.

This year I decided to do a little something to ease that trouble. Instead of forcing all this important information into a few minutes each day I am making it a more independent discovery process.

Enter the Celebrate Freedom Week QR Quest! This product has two different formats, so that you can decide what best fits your classroom. Format one has large QR codes that you can hang around the room to have your students complete in stations or as a scavenger hunt. Format two has the QR codes right on the recording sheet to make it an activity that can be completed in their seats, or in a specified location around the room.
Both formats also come with open ended questions and scaffolded answer recording sheets so that you can differentiate to the needs of your classroom. Of course there is also an answer key, so that you can make sure your students are on track.

The QR codes lead to a variety of media including safe share videos, a song, and websites for students to search for their answers.

All you need to add is a device capable of scanning QR codes!

Personally, our class will be completing this activity in stations throughout the week. They will be working in partners and small groups to scan the codes and search for their answers. I know they will love it!

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