What's the Story?

I came across what I find to be a really entertaining linky party about where bloggers came up with their logo, so I thought that I would join in! Art with Jenny K. is the brain behind this linky, so pop on over and check her out!
My logo for Teaching in the Fast Lane is actually pretty easy to explain. As a hobby I race cars. It is one of those things that always seems to interest people when I talk about it, so I thought it would be a unique spin on a blog name combining the two ways that I spend the majority of my time; racing and teaching. 

To add to this, my classroom has the theme of Ms. R's Racers (because who doesn't love alliteration?) so it seemed like a natural fit. As I have continued on my blogging journey I have been very happy with my choice, as I find that it is just different enough to make it memorable. I hope so anyway! 

Christi from Design by Christi is the one who actually created my button, so I can't take the credit there. She is amazing!

To read more stories about how bloggers came to create their logo click on over to Art with Jenny K. to check out the linky!


  1. Interesting hobby! I love your blog design and your name and logo are certainly memorable!

    The Math Maniac

  2. What a fun blog name! It's catchy. I, too, am a lover of alliteration. :-) - Lisa

  3. Your blog logo IS memorable and fun! I love it and hearing your story. Thanks for sharing! I'm your newest follower. :)
    Heather from Mrs. Renz’ Fourth Grade Class

  4. What an awesome story! You don't hear of real life race car drivers much. Your kids probably think that is awesome. I'm not so cool in my Honda Odyssey, am I?? Thanks for sharing...
    Carla at Comprehension Connection

  5. I bet that is a great conversation piece...racing cars!....how cool! Thank you for sharing your story and for linking up!

  6. How cool, it wouldn't have occurred to me that your name came from your hobby! Great stuff!

    Teachers Resource Force


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