Strategic Test Prep

Test-prep is officially in full swing in our classroom, and I am delighted to say that it is off to a great start. Our early success is much due to one word. CONSISTENCY. We have a plan of action, and we are sticking to it! 
This Test Smash resource is the number one way that I am providing consistency to my students. The beauty of it, is consistency is built right in, no extra materials needed, because each day students know to expect the same categories of questions in the same format.

Every morning I am projecting the daily problems using my computer. I didn't even have to print it out. Some of my teammates have chosen to print out one copy to project using the document camera, and that works too. My students enter the classroom, get unpacked, and start their work in their math journals. I love having my students complete their work in their journals because again it cuts down on copies, but for my students that need a little more structure I have a few copies of the recording sheet copied.
The recording sheet is generic and works for each and every day, so just having a few copies on hand is more than enough. Students work the problems while everyone arrives and then for a few more minutes after the bell has rung.
When we are ready we go over each of the problems using the included answer key. I have my students star the ones they got correct on their own and work through the ones they missed with me. I am finding that after just the first few days my students are showing a ton of confidence in solving each of the problems. They get so excited when they got one today that they didn't yesterday!

This is another amazing part of how this test-prep is structured. Due to the same topics being covered each day, it really gives kids a chance to practice until mastery and give them a sincere sense of success.
Next comes my favorite part! I am a self-proclaimed data nerd, and the individual data sheets rock my world! Remember me saying that students star the problems they get correct on their own? Now they get to color in the block for that problem too, which they love! The first day we did this it took some time, but now, after just three days, they are rocking it!

While they are filling it in I am able to walk around and take a super quick inventory of how my students are doing. For example, I know the student above has mastered several topics, but I need to include him in my small group for input-output tables. This easy data collection method is a true lifesaver!

This Test Smash resource comes ready to go for third, fourth, and fifth grade math standards. Be sure to pop on over to TeachersPayTeachers and check out the previews for a fuller look at each product!


  1. What a great way to be systematic and organized about test prep! Test prep can be so boring and overwhelming for teachers and students and this makes it much more doable and less of a chore!

    The Math Maniac

  2. I so agree that you have to have a plan! Data has always been a challenge for me but after seeing your sheet, I think I have a plan for my middle school ELA data! Thank you!

    Mrs. Spangler in the Middle


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