7 Cooperative Learning Structures to Rock Test Prep

Cooperative learning is a part of each and every day in our classroom, but this time of year when we are focusing in on test prep it is really easy to let it slide. Instead I challenge myself (and you in turn!) to really ramp it up and do even MORE Kagan structures throughout the day.
Seven AMAZING cooperative learning structure to ROCK test prep! The 2nd one is my favorite!
For this post I have put together a list of my absolute favorite Kagan structures for test prep. For each structure I will tell you why it is one of my faves, and here is a link to their website where you can find the steps to each structure.

Numbered Heads Together

I love this structure because it is amazing for getting students to talk about their thinking and justify their answers. It really puts students in the drivers seat, and requires them to think a little deeper! 


This structure is amazing for giving students a little break while still keeping a content rich environment. Due to the movement that is incorporated right into the structure, it helps students to get their wiggles out! 


This one is pretty similar to Numbered Heads Together, but just different enough to up the engagement ante with students. Along with this, Showdown is much more student led, and allows students groups to work at their own pace.


Fan-N-Pick is fantastic for when you want to be a little cheesy. Who doesn't like to say things like, "Pick a card, any card!" You can just feel your inner game show host shining! Additionally, this structure is great for review because you can use it in so many ways! 

Rally Coach

Coach is built right into the name, and that's what it is! Student pairs coach one another to successful completion of what would otherwise be a boring independent practice worksheet.


Similar to Rally Coach, but the person with the pencil is only writing, while the other partner is doing all the thinking. 

Seven AMAZING cooperative learning structure to ROCK test prep! The 2nd one is my favorite! Talking Chips

An amazing way to make sure that all students are equally involved! I love this one for my small groups when one student is a blurter, or a bit of a know it all. 

What all these structures have in common are that students and teachers alike love them. I LOVE that it frees me up to make observations of my students, and hearing them reason about their answers sends my heart into a flutter! 

Now, there are about a million more structures that can absolutely be used during test prep, so I would highly recommend checking them out. These though are my tried and true favorites! I hope that you were able to find at least new one, and that you will challenge yourself to try it out!

If you do, I would love to hear about it, or even see pictures! You can comment below or email me at teachinginthefastlane@gmail.com

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  1. Thank you for reminding me of some great structures - It's easy to get worked up about test prep and forget to have fun.

    Mrs. Spangler in the Middle


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