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Welcome back for the Spanish Missions of Texas edition of a peek inside my Texas History INB. If you would like to check out previous entries on setting up your notebook, maps, regions of Texas, Native Americans, or European explorers just click on the title. 
A blog post full of notebook pictures, recommended read alouds, ideas, and tips for teaching the unit.
Diving right in:
The Spanish missions in Texas are one of the most recognizable landmarks in Texas for my students. With Austin being so close to San Antonio most, if not all, of my students have been to the Alamo and many have been to several of the missions. This unit is always fun, because seeing the connection they make to what they have seen just send those lightbulbs a twitter.

We use this PowerPoint to get our information, but also use these QR Codes for additional research for inquiring minds.

Our first entry into our INBs is all about the people of the Spanish Missions.
From there we move to the parts of the Mission. Most students who have visited one, or all, of the missions don't realize that there was once more to them than just the church.
We also discuss Jose Escandon and his impact on Texas through the Spanish missions.
A blog post full of notebook pictures, recommended read alouds, ideas, and tips for teaching the unit. Next comes my students' favorite part, the QR Quest to learn more about each of the missions. There are two different scaffolded versions of the Quest and it is perfect for completing as an assessment or in a station while you work with a small group.

Throughout the unit we also use these task cards to check our learning as we go. I love to use them as exit tickets or writing prompts for quick writes in our INBs.

Now of course I love to keep tons of books about the missions around our classroom. These are a couple of my favorites:
(affiliate links)
The Spanish Missions of Texas
The Missions of Texas

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