Creating a Giving Tree for Classroom Donations

An easy and fun way to ask for classroom donations!
Back to School time is here, and if you are anything like me this time of year you are a little stressed about all the items that your classroom needs. As teachers we do everything we can to make sure that ALL of our students have everything they need to be successful all year long.

Supplies can be expensive, and school budgets are lacking, so it is great when a parent asks if we need anything else. In order to capitalize on this at the beginning of the year, and throughout the year, I used this Giving Tree. It is a great little display for Back to School Night, Meet the Teacher, and Parent Conferences.

I have done this Giving Tree in a couple of different ways. You can download this FREE template here if it works for you, and I have to admit it is way cuter. BUT sometimes I ran out of time setting up my room and getting ready to meet students, and this cute version just didn't happen.

These, slightly more manic, years I would sketch a little tree on our whiteboard and then use these leaf sticky notes (affiliate link) to write the wish items on.

Either way you choose to do it, families can choose a leaf to take home with them for an item they wish to donate. Families love to help, and this is an easy way of reminding them that their student's classroom is in need.

An easy and fun way to ask for classroom donations!
Tips for a Giving Tree that Rocks:

Have it ready for any event where families will be in the classroom.
Make it easy for families to take a leaf.
Include a variety of items with different price points.
Include none physical items such as volunteers to read with students, make copies, or cut laminate.
Include a section in your newsletter that has items from the Giving Tree.
Write simple thank you notes when a family donates an item or time.

Get your FREE GIVING TREE set up here!


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