Greatest Hits of 2016

The top ten 2016 blog posts from Teaching in the Fast Lane as chosen by you, the reader!
To wrap up the year on he blog I wanted to take a look back at what you, the reader, saw as the greatest hits of Teaching in the Fast Lane for 2016. The following are the ten most read posts from the last year. I am using this information to plan for future posts full of content that you will love! 

10. 6 Ways to Love Teaching Again

Ideas for fighting teacher burnout before you reach the point of no return. 

9. Tattling in the Classroom

Tattling is one of the biggest challenges that our classroom faced. This post is all about the steps we took to minimize tattling and maximize our classroom community. 

8. Breaking the Cycle of Disengagement

As teachers we battle disengagement daily as we compete with video games, hyper-activity, and other distractions. This post gives you the tools to increase student engagement without increasing your workload. 

7. Gamifying Test Prep

Test prep is a necessary beast in today's classroom, but these games will leave your students wanting more practice with these engaging practices. 

6. How to Lose a Student in Ten Ways

Have you even wanted to alienate your entire class with one action? Well, here are ten sure fire ways to lose them! 

5. Using Google Forms with Task Cards

This practice was a real game changer, and paper saver, in my classroom. This post gives you step by step directions on how to set it up and use with ease. 

4. Working with an Angry Student

The top ten 2016 blog posts from Teaching in the Fast Lane as chosen by you, the reader! Sometimes little bodies have large anger issues that can get in the way of learning. These actionable tips will allow you to help a student work through their anger and become problem solvers. 

3. What to do When Your Class is Driving You Crazy

We all have days when we feel like we can't take it anymore, but these ideas are exactly what you need in those moments! 

2. Thankful to be a Teacher

Why, even on the worst days, I am thankful to be a teacher. 

1. 11 Things Happy Teachers DON'T Do

Are you self sabotaging your happiness? Make sure that you aren't guilty of these eleven things, and if you are, make a plan to change them now. 

Bonus: 8 Ways to Differentiate a Worksheet

This post from me on Classroom Tested Resources was the number one read article of 2016. It gives 8 ways you can differentiate a worksheet with ZERO prep on your part! 

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