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 End of year activity ideas that are low on prep and high on student engagement. These activities will keep your students involved in their classroom community until the final bell!
End of year is coming and the goose is getting fat... wrong song, wrong time of year? I am sorry but I can't help but be over the moon that the end of the school year is almost here. Whether you get out at the end of May or June the end it nigh! I just wanted to shout that one more time. 

Every year about this time we start getting antsy, and oh yeah, our students do too. It is tempting to fill the rest of the year with Bill Nye videos, games, and extra long recesses. I would like to encourage you to do more though.

More? More you ask of me? I know that you are worn out, but why not take the time to really enjoy your students this time of year and allow them to bond with one another before the summer break? 

With these activities students can share their learning and excitement with one another all while staying engaged up until the very last moment of the very last day. 

Spider Story

Students sit in a circle and are given a ball of yarn. Beginning with the student who holds the yarn they say one sentence of a story then pass the yarn. The next student adds a sentence and the process continues until you run out of yarn or the story is complete. 

You could easily modify this activity by changing it up a bit. Instead of telling a story students could talk about their favorite memory from the school year, name a fact they learned this year, or ask a question that they have been wondering. 

End of year activity ideas that are low on prep and high on student engagement. These activities will keep your students involved in their classroom community until the final bell!Compliment Capes

This activity is a great way to increase student self esteem at the end of the year. Each student is given a piece of regular white printer paper that is taped to their back. Students all stand up with a marker each and travel around the room writing positive messages to their classmates on their "capes."

This is an awesome activity to complete right before standardized testing or in the afternoons following the big test when students are drained and feeling a bit eh. 

Mum Ball

If you are looking for an activity to grab your students' attention and keep them engaged, but silent Mum Ball is for you! Check out this post from Ari and The Science Penguin for how to play. 


Do you have a classroom full of students who just can't get enough reading time? Then a read-a-thon is for you! Have your students choose a book and a spot and read their little hearts out! 

I encourage students to read together if they would like, or on their own, or in small groups. We pause throughout the read-a-thon for dramatic read alouds, students to share their discoveries, and for stretch breaks. My students always loved this precious time. 

Cooperative Learning Activities

If you have read any posts here before, you could have probably guessed that this one was coming. I am a cooperative learning strategy nut, and what better time to really beef up your cooperative learning game than when students' energy is waning at the end of the year. 

All strategies would be great for the end of the year, but to make your life SUPER easy I have this set of 11 pre-made activities that are ready to print and go with minimal prep from you, and really you don't have to do anything but make copies and cut. (Let's be honest, sometime I just have my students do the cutting.)

This awesome pack is chock full of activities that you can use multiple times to keep students engaged in the afternoons of testing days as well as up to the final bell on the final day of school. Check it out!  With more than 100 pages of activities, templates, and directions your students are sure to feel the classroom community love!

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