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Hi Race Fans,
I am Alyssa, and I can be found in Austin, Texas. I became a teacher in a round about way when as a college senior at Texas State University (EAT 'EM UP!) I decided to switch my major, from criminal justice, to education after an eye-opening internship. I was working in a preschool at the time, which I LOVED, so I decided that was the direction my life was headed. 

While student teaching in second grade I was introduced to the Texas State Teacher Fellows program, and knew that it was meant for me. After interviewing I was accepted and placed in a fourth grade position.  I was ecstatic! My mentor that year was a life-saver in so many ways, but the biggest impact she made on me was that I wanted to help other teachers!

After earning my Master's Degree and six years in fourth grade I decided to take a break from the classroom to follow my passion for creating resources, helping teachers, and fighting for every student to feel successful in the classroom. I know that I am not done in the classroom, but for the time being my passions are leading me in a different direction.

I have had this blog and my TeachersPayTeachers store since fall of 2012, and it is an absolute labor of love. I take pride in sharing ideas and resources that will benefit students and teachers alike.

I strive to create resources that will save teachers time, while still keeping rigor and student engagement levels high. This means that instead of following the latest educational trends I strive to create resources that put students in the driver's seat, use cooperative learning strategies, and follow models based in research. I will never put anything in my store or on this blog that I would not use tomorrow in the classroom. 
When I am not working I enjoy racing cars, binging on Netflix, traveling, and anything outside. If you would like to keep up with my everyday antics I would be honored if you would sign up for my newsletter, follow me on Instagram, or give my Facebook page a like.
Happy teaching,

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