All About TicTacToe Choice Boards

TicTacToe Choice Boards are a great way to get students invested in their learning.  They work simply because every student wants to have control and they allow them to choose what assignments they would like to complete.  

The procedure is easy to teach because students already know the theory behind TicTacToe.  You try to get three in a row either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.  

I introduce the idea of the TicTacToe Choice Boards in my classroom at the beginning of each year using the Beginning of the School Year TicTacToe Choice Board (A freebie in my TPT store) because it is content that is easy for all of my students.  I have found that by starting off with easy content they really get into the project.  

Next, I read over all of the options with my class and decide on the due date for the project.  I choose to have students turn in their assignments as they go, but you could have them turn them in all at once if that is preferred.  We also have a discussion about how to play TicTacToe and that you need three in a row.  All of the boards in my store are created so that no matter what three in a row students choose, they will be using several levels of knowledge to complete the tasks.  

After answering any questions that students may have I show them where they can find their materials.  I try to have as many different mediums available for them to work with as possible and put very few limitations on their ideas.  I would recommend having everything available from the beginning.  Nothing stifles their creativity like not having what they need to get started.  

During the first implementation I make myself available to answer any questions and provide help to any students who may need it.  Once we have the procedure and processes down, the TicTacToe Choice Boards become not only work for my early finishers but also serve as a stations during small group time and can be used for enrichment as well so I am not always available to guide them.  It is very important to me that students are able to complete the tasks independently because it gives them complete ownership over their products.    

Differentiation with TicTacToe Choice Boards is easy!
Differentiation is easy with TicTacToe Choice Boards because your options are already there.  Students can complete more tasks, or less tasks based on their abilities.  I have also been known to eliminate tasks that might be "too easy" for my students that need a challenge.  

Most importantly, TicTacToe Choice Boards can be used for anything! In my TPT store I have many boards that cover topics in math, reading, science, holidays, and school events.  I am always adding new items that I have tried out in my room so check back often or follow my store for updates. If you have any suggestions for topics that you would like to see covered let me know and I will do my best to make it happen.  

Have fun and let your students' creativity flow!


  1. I really like this idea. I use a tic tac toe board for their weekly spelling lists. I downloaded and rated your freebie!

    Grooving Through Fourth Grade

  2. Do you use a rubric to grade the Tic Tac Toe Project?

    1. I usually have students choose one or two products that they are most proud of and then grade those based on a pretty generic rubric grounded in accuracy, creativeness, and effort.


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