Teacher Supplies I Can't Live Without

I have been asked a few time what my favorite items for the classroom are, and truthfully like most teachers I make due with what I have. There are however a few items that I absolutely cannot live without. So, here they are:

Paper Cutter

This paper cutter has saved my hide multiple times. It is entirely plastic other than the blade of course and very light weight. It stows easily in a cabinet and is easy peasy to pull out and take care of business. I was the envy of the teachers on my grade level, and they borrowed it often. I have had this bad boy for six years now, and it hasn't lost any cutting power yet! 

GOOD Pair of Scissors

A good pair of scissors are a life saver. I am a huge fan of laminating and dull or loose scissors just won't fit the bill. My absolute favorite pair are from Hobby Lobby and were not at all expensive. 

These bad boys are (mine are lime green my favorite color) amazing and have worked wonderfully at home and at school. I have a pair in each location. They have stayed sharp through all of my cutting of lamination, cardboard, water bottles, velcro, and pretty much anything else imaginable. 

A friend got me a pair, and I have never looked back. 

Air Freshener

Fourth graders stink. I mean that in the most loving way possible, but they really do. I mean, have you ever walked into a fourth grade classroom after recess or PE? It is a bit ripe. Any form of air freshener will help, but my favorite is Scentsy. I have a wall plug in in my room and it does the trick. I love that I can change the scent on a whim and with the seasons. I received my warmer from a student and have never looked back. My favorite scents are Tomato Vine, Central Park Praline, and Pumpkin Marshmallow. Basically, I like things that smell like food! 

Stickers and Stamps

Stickers and stamps are wonderful for so many things. First of all, I have never met a man, woman, or child that doesn't smile when given a sticker. Second, I like to keep track of who has completed certain tasks by giving them a sticker or stamp. If your students are anything like mine that sticker usually goes right on their forehead and it is really easy to keep track of who has completed the assignment. Of course I also sticker and stamp quality work of course. 

I use stickers and stamps on the daily, so we go through a ton of them. For this reason my stickers (including the highly coveted scratch and sniff stickers) come from Dollar Tree. They usually have a great selection and come in gigantic packs! 

Stamps on the other hand I usually pick up at the local teacher store or Hobby Lobby when they are on sale. Since these guys last a lot longer, I don't mind shelling out a few extra clams for them. I do have to say though that my absolute favorite ink pad is a tie die one that I can't find anywhere anymore and I will most likely cry, a lot. 

Smelly Markers

Who doesn't love smelly markers? My favorites of course are Mr. Sketch. Did you know that they come in skinny form now too? Not going to lie. The day I learned of the skinny Mr. Sketch markers was a great day!

File Folders

I use file folders for everything! My students also use file folders for tons of things. I use them to organize my stuff, create portfolios, and as a way of keeping notes on my students. My students use them to create lap books, fold-ups, and publishing their writing. Really, you can never have enough!  


I like containers of all shapes and sizes. This is another one of those items that I pick up whenever they are on sale.  Most of mine come from Dollar Tree and the Target Dollar Spot personally, but I get them where ever I find them. Some of the best, most durable ones that I have found are actually Rubbermaid brand dish pans. These have stood up to six years of fourth graders throwing them around which is a pretty good testament in my eyes.  

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